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Dr. Calvin Knowlton





Dr. Calvin Knowlton is a skilled healthcare executive and serial entrepreneur with years of experience in the greater Philadelphia region. Currently, however, he is living in Amelia Island, FL. Over the years, he has founded ten companies, successfully leading multiple initiatives within the pharmaceutical industry. In his work, Dr. Knowlton is dedicated to founding high-performance employee and client-focused cultures, ensuring his companies can serve clients well.

Before launching his entrepreneurial endeavors, Dr. Calvin Knowlton spent many years investing in his education and professional development. He attended Temple University for his undergraduate studies and completed a pharmacy degree. After this, he earned his Master of Divinity degree from the Princeton Theological Seminary and a Ph.D. in Pharmacoeconomics from the University of Maryland. Additionally, he was awarded an honorary Doctor of Science from the University of Maryland. He also worked in higher education as a Professor and Department Chair at Philadelphia’s University of Sciences in the 90s.

However, Dr. Calvin Knowlton’s recent endeavors have awakened his love for entrepreneurship and pharmacy leadership. Some of his most successful businesses have included Hospice Pharmacia/excelleRX, a provider of medication management systems that served over 800 hospice programs before being sold to a Fortune 500 company for over $250 million. Tabula Rasa Healthcare was another successful venture, the first national medication risk mitigation company. Founded in 2009, TRHC has helped pharmacists improve patient outcomes through optimized medication regimens. Recently, he started Spyglass Healthcare.

Regardless of the company that Dr. Calvin Knowlton is currently investing his time and energy into, his passions and interests remain the same. He is dedicated to exploring the sciences of pharmacokinetics, pharmacogenomics, and pharmacodynamics to identify medication risks and help providers offer the most effective care plans possible. These concepts explore how an individual’s genetics and other unique characteristics might affect how a medication works in their body. With this information, patients can receive more individualized care, find effective medications more quickly, and enjoy a better quality of life and medical outcomes.

Dr. Calbin Knowlton has earned numerous awards for his work over the years. He has been awarded twice the Ernest and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for the Greater Philadelphia Region, as well as the 2016 Philadelphia CEO of the Year. He has served on multiple boards and associations and enjoys sharing his expertise and investing in other professionals. In 2015, he earned the Remington Honor Medal, the highest honor in the pharmacy industry in the United States.

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